A warm welcome to readers of Product Reviewer.Me,

My name is Lisa, and I am fifty-something online shopper/ cybershopper.

Daily, I click the ”Buy Now” button to fill my family’s shopping needs.

Before the Coronavirus, my daughters and husband poked fun at all my daily online deliveries. Now, they cheer me on when I click "Buy-Now."

Decades of a chronic illness caused me to learn how to click, find the best promo code, and click the "Buy-Now" button.

My cyber shopping enables me to shop online for almost everything: batteries, food, clothing, books, curtains, home decorations, furniture, cleaning products, office supplies, and countless other products.

I also hunt online for the best reviews of services, i.e., Dentists, hairdressers, oil changes, and family activities.

I click the "Buy-Now" button more than ever.

I am gradually beginning to go back to some services.

When I read a service review, I want to learn if the business encourages social distancing. Also, if the company is a restaurant, does they offer outdoor seating?

Reading people's reviews helps me navigate my cyber purchases.

I play it forward by sharing my reviews.

To help others, you can find all my reviews in one spot,

Whether you purchase goods or services, I hope my reviews will offer you value and guidance.

Happy Reviewing!