Who Is The Best Realtor In Ladera Ranch?

Who Is The Best Realtor In Ladera Ranch?

If you are looking for trustworthy, knowledgeable Orange County realtor, then you need to speak to Tom Bertog.  

Our family first met Tom Bertog four years ago when we were in search of a new home.

We resided near the area we wanted to purchase a home so it was easy for my husband and I to pop into open houses.

We met Tom Bertog at an Open House he had listed. Tom inquired about our needs and he toured us through the home. Surprising many realtors that hold at an Open House do not have the where with all to ask questions, help you and show you the house.

I feel the 80/20 holds true for most business, especially realtors. 20 percent of the realtor most likely receive 80 percent of the business. I have little doubt that Tom Bertog is in the 1 percent of the business model.

Tom is friendly he looks out for best interest and does not try to push you into a situation that may not end favorable for you.

My husband and I chose to use Tom Bertog as our realtor to purchase a home. Fortunately for us, we make a terrific choice by utilizing Tom’s real estate services. Tom knew how to navigate a winning bid for a sought after house, and he patiently guided us through the real estate process.

Our family loves our home and I have had the pleasure of running into Tom at local stores. Tom is always pleasurable and makes time to say, hello.

Recently, I needed Tom’s advise on a real estate transaction so I called him at 5:30 PM on a Friday. Tom picked up the phone on the second ring with a cheerful,”Hello, Lisa”. I asked him my real estate question, and he promptly offered to help me.

Tom is not only helpful, he is intelligent and works real estate as a full-time job.

As I type the words full-time job, I can think of some helpful questions you should ask when you seek out the help of a real estate professional:

  • Make sure they are professional. It is best if Real Estate is their full-time career.
  • Ask about their track record.
  • How many listings did they close last year.
  • Are they willing to sit in your open house. (If you are the seller)
  • A majority of realtors make their livelihood on commissions. A realtor receives funds (commission) when a real estate transaction closes. With that written, the commissions from real estates sales has supported Tom Bertog family in a comfortable style- Tom, works.

Tom Bertog works, follow through, gives to his community and is a reliable person.

These are the reasons why I can easily answer the question, Who Is The Best Realtor In Orange County?

Tom Bertog