Best Redlands Palm Tree Care For Our Budget

Review of Aid Tree Care
This how our Palm Tree looks after a mighty cropping.

Best Redlands Tree Service, Aid Tree Care

I want to give a shout-out to Aid Tree Care.

Aid Tree Care did a fabulous job cutting back the numerous Palm Trees that live on our King Street Orchard.

Here is my review of Aid Tree Care:  they arrive on time with a crew of four men to cut down, grind, and clean up about eight of our Palm Trees.

My husband is on security patrol as we hire different vendors to help fix the major issues caused by Eco Alliance.

If I hear the name Deon Holloway, I will run, run fast. I will also take a hard pass if I hear the name, Menesse Menzie Benoliel.

Mr. Menesse Menize Benoliel of Lake Forrest, CA, does business as Space Aces dba OC Pavers.

Mr. Menesse Menzie Benoliel of Space Aces dba OC Pavers, Other Ventures

Mr. Menesse Benoliel is the RMO, Responsible Managing Officer of Eco Alliance of Rancho Cucamonga.

Mr. Benoliel is happy to take funds from the scams of his unscrupulous employee, Deon Holloway.

Holloway preys on friends, associates, and customers. Since posting our journey with Deon Holloway, numerous people have contacted me with stories of how Deon Holloway of Rancho Cucamonga had stolen their funds.

Here are some examples of people who have contacted me about the immoral actions of Deon Holloway:

Holloway preyed on the parent of his son's friends. Deon Holloway promises them superb solar services. You can guess what happened? Holloway gobbled down their funds then did not provide them with any product.

The head of a regional lender contacted me, alarmed by my experience with Deon Holloway. This seemingly professional banker ends our email exchange with, I have been scammed.

The list of people and companies who Deon Holloway has allegedly robbed grows and expands.

Deon Holloway of Rancho Cucamonga's Excuses

Oh, the list of excuses Deon Holloway tells me, my husband, and allegedly others:

  • I have Covid
  • I need a kidney transplant
  • I am running a large solar job up north
  • My mom died
  • My mom is sick
  • My wife is sick
  • My son is sick
  • The bank messed up
  • I sent the wire
  • I own my Rancho Cucamonga home
  • I own rental properties
  • I am a General Contractor
  • There are funds in our bank account
  • I am an honorable man
  • I will finish your project
  • My son has mental issues
  • I will save you money
  • My relative is in the hospital
  • I am in the Emergency Room
  • I am in the hospital

Deon Holloway appears to spend most of his time as a con artist.

If this professional grifter did not spend his time acting out his General Contractor charade, he most likely could make an incredible living in sales. Holloway should use his sales power to do good instead of evil.

Thankfully, our tide appears to change as the cropping of our Palm Trees brings in much-needed light. Thank you, Aid Tree Care.

I would use the services of Aid Tree Care again.