My Alarming Experience The Westwood Glendon

A Costly, Horrible Night at 1041 Glendon Unit 3198

I am being charged $404.47 dollars for leaving a pot reeking room after thirty minutes. I was not offered any other options.

When my daughter and I arrived at the unit, the place had a foul smell that reeked marijuana, and there was one key. We had to call for another key; we left for a couple of hours to air out the unit.

When we returned, we tried to sleep there, but weed's intense odor permeated from the couch and bed. The smell gave me a headache and hives. We had to leave.

I wish viewers could smell how racid the room was in the video below:

The woman, Linda who manages this Airbnb told me that marijuana is legal in California.

Marijuana may be legal be it should be disclosed before booking a room.

Linda refuses to give a full refund. My daughter and I were not even in the room for thirty minutes.

I am being charged $404.47 dollars for being in the room less than an hour. This is crazy! 

I am going to contact today and I will let you know their reply.