Visa’s New C.E.O. Alfred Kelly Helps Take My $50.00

Visa’s New C.E.O. Alfred Kelly Helps Take My $50.00

Visa Alfred Kelly CEO VISA

Visa took my $50.00 in small print fees. My Visa Debit Card is Worthless!







Visa’s New C.E.O. Alfred Kelly Please Correct Gift Card Policy

I have little doubt that Visa makes millions of dollars from their gift and debit cards they sell in retail stores.
I have no problem with a corporation making a profit, but profits fraudulently obtained are wrong.

Visa Should Be Ashamed Of Their Gift Card / Debit Card Policy.

Today I tried to use a $50.00 VISA gift card to purchase two swim kick broads on Amazon. When I typed in the URL to activate the Visa Debit Card, the website stated my Visa Debit Card was not available and to phone an 800 telephone number.
I then called 800 number on the Visa Debit Card only to discover my $50.00 debit card was worthless!
The SMALL FINE PRINT barely readable on the back of the card states that VISA can charge $2.00 a month until there is a zero balance after one year.
I have little doubt the Visa Debit Card was over 24 months old. I recall previously trying to use the card and dialing the Visa 800 number only to go through a spider web of daily actions with no resolve.
Today, I finally had thirty minutes of time to try to obtain the $50.00 Value of my VISA debit card.
What I found out about Visa’s Debit Card/ Gift Card policy shocked me.

Visa C.E.O. Charles Scharf, I would like my $50.00 debit gift card before you step down.

C.E.O.’s need to be accountable for the programs their corporation implement. Wells Fargo, C.E.O. Mr. John Stumpf resigned over bank fraud.
I would like C.E.O. Charles Scharf, soon to be C.E.O. Alfred Kelly or any member of Wells Fargo Management Team, to sent me a new Debit Gift Card with a $50.00.
My replacement Visa Debit Gift Card can be sent to:
Product Reviewer
C/of Lisa G.
23052 Alicia Parkway-H
P.O. Box #330
Mission Viejo, CA. 92692
I will keep my readers up to date with this blog post, Visa’s New C.E.O. Alfred Kelly Helps Take My $50.00.
I truly hope Visa acts correctly and changes the small print Visa Debit Cards/ Gift Card hidden fees.
If you delay to use a gift card it should not be worthless!