The video below and this review of the Dolly App are from our terrible experience with Deon Holloway of Eco Alliance Inc.

With disappointment, sadness, and anger, I update you on the progress of our farmhouse remodel.

I share how we used the Dolly App to find our movers. I have used Dolly App twice, and both times I have been pleased.

Under iPhone moving app, Dolly is the highest-ranked.

How To Use The Dolly App:

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Deon Holloway Use Government Programs To Rob Us

My husband and I lament the work of Deon Holloway of Eco Alliance of Rancho Cucamonga.

Much too late we find out Deon Holloway does not have a General Contractors License, Does not own Eco Alliance and does have a criminal record.

Deon Holloway also does business as Bright Sky Solar, and HaHaSmart Solar installation.

We are sharing our journey so other can learn from our remodel experience.

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Learn How you can spray paint easy

ProductReviewer.Me, Shares Is Rustoleum Spray Paint Gun The Best For The Price? In this video you will watch her paint a chain link fence using a 99 cent Quick Color Black Gloss Enamel from Home Depot and the Rustoleum Paint Spray nozzle.Product Reviewer.Me shows how to spray paint easy. Rust-Oleum 241526 Comfort Grip enables more control for a smooth, professional finish. Paint sprayers Includes a 2-finger trigger to minimize fatigue. The Rustoleum nozzle safety lock prevents paint from spraying unexpectedly.

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