BLK Burgrz Ladera Ranch California Restaurant Review

I want BLK Burgrz in Ladera Ranch to thrive.

Unfortunately, BLK’s new owners only appear to provide smaller portions and terrible service.

I dined at BLK with a guest from out of town and the service was embarrassing horrible. The waitress knew very little about their menu or drinks.

We waited, waited and waited for our food.

I could understand the wait if we were not the only other table in the place or if it was late at night. However, it was only 6:00 pm

Sadly, BLK’s terrible service is consistent. Our family dined at BLK several months ago and we waited 35 minutes for the waiter to take our order then another hour to deliver the meal.

My girlfriend told me that she and her family dined at BLK last Friday and she wishes they would have chosen a different restaurant.

She told me the service at BLK was beyond slow, their appetizer order was forgotten by the waitress and BLK’s $20.00 hamburger seems to have shrunk. 

My girlfriend, me, my family and our community all want BLK Burgzr’s to be successful. 

Unfortunately, BLK’s Burgzr consistent poor service leads me to believe the restaurant is on a downward swirl.

Restaurant Rating 1-10 10 represents the best. 

I would rate BLK Burgrz a 5 overall 

I would give a 9 on venue

The food is a 6

Value 4

Service 2



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