The Cottage In Flagstaff Arizona Dining Review

The Cottage In Flagstaff Arizona Dining Review 


Bummer, Really, Next Please!

After sitting at our table, we are told the 20% tip at The Cottage is mandatory.

We are happy to tip 20% if the service is good. 

As we sit at our table our daughter comments on the quaintness of the restaurant.

She says, this restaurant is cute but I am hot Mom.

She goes on to say for an upscale restaurant air conditioning would be nice.

I offer my daughter my seat near a large floor fan. 

My daughter declines my invite to sit near the fan. 

I should note our the service from our waiter Michael was not good.

Michael’s service was fair at best.

Michael’s recommendation of a Merlot/ Cab blend was spendy but worthwhile. 

After an hour of waiting for our meal Michael told us the appetizer was on the house.

I would like to note we watched another table finish their meal, the table linens changed and the new customers with plates of food before our dinner is served. 

Our meal was two third wonderful.

I enjoyed the lovely beef shoulder dish, our daughter liked her tasty southern fried chicken but my husband was unable to cut through the dried out beer cooked chicken beast and dried out wing.

The chicken wing was so dried out it resembled a small wish bone.

As my husband struggles to find chicken on the chicken bone the waiter never checked on us.

The result was my daughter and I each gave part of our dinner to my husband.

At the end of the night I could not keep my silence. When the waiter finally shows up at our table my words of disappointment flew.

The result, the inedible chicken was removed from our bill but the waiter reignited on his prior offer to waive the appetizer.

When  paying the check we confirm that The Cottage is not the The Cottage Place and the ownership has changed.

I note the change in ownership because my husband and I dined there last year. 

Last year our dinner was fabulous, the service outstanding and menu style interesting. 

We will not be back.