American Home Shield Honors Their Home Warranty

American Home Shield Honors Their Home Warranty

American Home Shield honors their home warranty after I posted my Product blog  (reviewing my plumbing experience) on Service Masters Facebook Page and made numerous phone calls to them.

Service Master is American Home Shield’s parent company. 

I was going nowhere with American Home Shield’s customer service department so I decided to contact American Home Shield’s parent company, Service Master. 

My unsuccessful reimbursement phone calls to American Home Shield regarded a Delta shower valve.

I believe that the  American Home Shield’s vendor, Plumbers Inc. broke our valve.

You can read about my experience with American Home Shield’s vendor, Plumbers Inc. Riverside California

American Home Shield Contract 

Numerous American Home Shield representative informed me that the American Home Shield contract states that we would have to handle any legal action against Plumbers Inc., Riverside California ourselves. 

The American Home Shield representatives conveyed that our American Home Shield contract stated that American Home Shield is not responsible for their vendor’s actions. 

I could understand this logic if American Home Shield sent a reputable vendor to our home. 

Plumbers Inc., Riverside California is not a reputable vendor. 

American Home Shield’s needs to do a better job of vetting their vendors.

I paid what felt like ransom money to have my Delta shower valve replaced.

To make matter worse my phone calls to Plumbers Inc. Manager, Chris went unanswered. 

Sadly but not surprising, Plumbers Inc. Riverside California has an address on their invoice that does not exist on Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Furthermore, the Plumbers Inc. website address on their invoice does not exist and their domain address is up for sale on GoDaddy. 

American Home Shield Reimbursement

After several phone calls and placing my ProductReviewer.Me post, Plumbers Inc Riverside California Review on American Home Shield’s parent Facebook page, ServiceMaster my issue has been resolved.

I am happy to write our family has been reimbursed for the damages caused by American Home Shield’s vendor, Plumbers Inc. Riverside California. 

Below you can find the letter that was attached to our reimbursement check.

I have already deposited the reimbursement check, (yay!) and I have covered our name and home address.

american home shield


If Ms. Mary Kay Wegner President of ServiceMaster Franchise Services was involved in my speedy reimbursement, then thank you.

Hopefully, this is the last negative experience I will have with American Home Shield.

As I wrote in my prior post, our family has been an American Home Shield customer for almost 20 years.

Thank you American Home Shield and ServiceMaster for doing right by this consumer. 

You can read my plumbing experience with Plumbers Inc. on this weblink. 


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