We Learn From Our Mistakes As Instant Plumbing Repair Pipes Our Redlands Farmhouse

We hired Instant Plumbing Repairs after receiving numerous plumbing quotes for our 1906 Farmhouse major plumbing overall.

Instant Plumbing Repairs Review

You get what you pay for, and this company is terrific!

George, the lead plumber for our major plumbing overhaul, showed up to our home on time, with a broad smile on his face, a great attitude, and the patience of a sought-out teacher.

George brought a plumber named Richard to help him with our piping project. I came up with Apprentice for Richard because he is an Apprentice Plumber at Instant Plumbing Repairs. I know, I am very original with calling Richard, The Apprentice.

Richard worked tireless hours along George's side. I need to point out that our plumbing project is not easy—a major piping line was required from our home to the street. The major piping line is hundreds of feet.

On top of creating a new line out to our street, our new home's pipes were lay outed with color codes, tags and precisely installed.

I need to point out that George and Richard both worked under our home that is still full of garbage left by Eco Alliance of Rancho Cucamonga. Thank you, George and Richard, for your bravery. It is scary under our home.

The video below shows my husband, David demonstrating our outdoor shower.

As a side note, If I heard the name Deon Holloway, Eco Alliance, Bright Sky Solar, I would run and run fast. Holloway of Rancho Cucamonga charades as a General Contractor, defrauded us out of lots of money and left our home worse than when he was hired.

Fake General Contractor and Deon Holloway are words that are synonyms. Sadly, Deon Holloway has vast knowledge of construction lingo but no knowledge of construction. Deon Holloway actually thought it was ok to remove supporting header beams of our house. Our ongoing poor, horrifying construction repairs caused by Deon Holloway of Eco Alliance are for another post.

There is a happy ending to our plumbing experience with Eco Alliance; we hired Instant Plumbing Repairs of Highland, California.

A high five thank you to Instant Plumbing Repairs and their employees. So far, so good, and Instant Plumbing Repairs even installed an outdoor shower for us.

Our home does not have indoor showers yet. However, with the help of Instant Plumber Repairs, we are closer to finishing our Redlands, Farmhouse remodel.

The remodel of our Redlands Farmhouse has been a learning journey.

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