Mr. Mark Barry Vice President of American Home Shield to Please Help Us

Below is my request to Mr. Mark Barry Vice President of American Home Shield to Please Help Us.

I will keep readers updated on Mr. Mark Barry’s reply. 

Mr. Mark Barry Vice President of American Home Shield Please Help

Dear Mr. Mark Barry, Vice President,

We are writing to you to express our frustration and disappointment with our American Home Shield Warranty. This AHS complaint is about a fraudulent AHS vendor that came to our property located at XXXX Rose Circle, Murrieta. 92563.

The vendor, Tempal contracted by American Home Shield was sent to our property on Wednesday, June 8, 2016, to repair our air conditioning unit.

American Home Shield phoned my wife while the repairman was at the house and stated the wire were cut and not due to normal wear and tear. For an immediate payment of $168.00 the repairman could try to reconnect the wire and enable the compressor. However, the compressor would not be covered. (We saved the voicemail from AHS)

We felt as if American Home Shield and their vendor were trying to extort our funds.

Unbeknownst, to the Tempal vendor our property management company had sent out an air conditioning service company a day earlier. This air conditioning company, All Above Heating and Air Conditioning gave us a diagnosis that we needed a new compressor. The wires were not cut.

The repairman from All Above Heating and Air Conditioning would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the condition of the air conditioning unit before the arrival of your vendor, Tempal.

We have attached a copy of the vendors diagnosis at the end of this page.

When we were told by our property management company about the air conditioning repairs needed we reminded them that we had an American Home Shield Home Warranty Policy.

Our management company then moved forward and scheduled an appointment with Tempal.

After the diagnosis from Tempal we strongly feel the vendor behaved with malice and criminal actions.

Friday, July 10th my wife, Lisa  spent two hours and four minutes on the phone with numerous customer service representatives. Lisa spoke with representative Jatorie, supervisor, Tonja and manager, Sherly. When my wife inquired with Manager, Sherly about a case number she was told it was case #2532.

Lisa conveyed to the American Home Shield Warranty representatives that we have been loyal American Home Shield Warranty customers for over two decades, we have five properties covered with American Home Shield, we have referred dozens of new customers to your company and we have place few claims.

Customer service representatives and management adamantly stated that under terms and conditions H5 in our American Home Shield Warranty that American Home Shield is not responsible for any secondary damage caused by American Home Shield vendors.

The vendor you sent out to our property has destroyed the air conditioner unit. We are asking that American Home Shield Warranty does the right thing and stands behinds the service protection advertised. We strongly request that a new air conditioning unit be installed.

Again, we rarely use our AHS policies, but we had an unfortunate experience with your company in November of 2015. Just as my wife placed a meal in the oven the oven digital display read, FIRE in Bright Red Letters.

An American Home Shield oven repair vendor who spoke no English arrived at our home. The service man claimed we had no issue just a broken latch. Frustrated by the response of the nonspeaking technician my wife proceeded to phone AHS Customer Service.

The representative told my wife the company they send out does not have to speak English. In utter disbelief, my wife asked the representative to schedule the second appointment. The ASH representative was not able to because she would not communicate with her list of approved vendors.

Forty-five minutes later the ASH representative found an English speaking repair company. When this repair company tested our oven, it was quickly diagnosed that a new board was needed.

Sadly, it took almost seven weeks from the time we placed the first service call until our oven was repaired. We were promised $125.00 by AHS for our inconvenience, but the funds never arrived. We were still like the $125.00 sent to us.

We understand AHS is a large corporation.  The American Home Shield management, broad members, and investors may not be aware of warranty situations that are less than satisfactory. However, now that this fraudulent issue has been brought to your attention we hope you will immediately resolve our issue. 

We hope you can be immediate resolve our air conditioning issue and sent us a reimbursement check for $125.00.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. 

American Home Shield Fraud

I will keep Product Reviewer.Me readers on how our warranty issue is resolved. Hopefully, Mr. Barry will be immediate correct our situation.