Float Therapy As An Alternative Medicine Review

Float Therapy As An Alternative Medicine Review

What is float therapy









Do You Float?

My girlfriend, Helen and I lay on my cream color couches diagonally across from each other staring at our iPads and chatting.

We were brainstorming inexpensive alternative medicine treatments.

I asked Helen if she had tried hyperbaric oxygen treatments?

Helen said, no, have you?

No, but hyperbaric oxygen therapy is on my list.

Helen then said do you float?

With a half chuckle, I question, float in a pool?

From her blank stare, I immediately know I am incorrect.

Is floating a new supplement? I curiously ask.

With a light-hearted laugh, Helen said no floating is not a new supplement.

What Is Floating?

Helen tells me that floating is an alternative therapy where you step into an oversized tub filled with about a foot of warm water and saturated with hundreds of pounds of Epsom salt.

The high concentration of Epsom salt makes you buoyant. Everyone can float without effort.

It takes me a couple of minutes to digest how the floating therapy works.

As I am still processing what is floating?

I ask Helen if floating in a tank is similar to floating in the Dead Sea.

Well, kind of was Helen reply.

Helen goes on to tell me that people use Floating Therapy as an alternative medicine.

Floating is suppose to help people who have joint pain and Fibromyalgia. 

How Does Floating Work?

The idea of trying a salty warm water treatment with no energy required intrigued me.

I ask Helen how does Floating work?

Helen said she had not tried Floating yet, but she has read about how float therapy works.

Each person is in a warm Epsom Salt tank.

The float tanks come in several forms.

Some float tanks resemble an oversized egg whereas other were similar to a walk in closet.

Once situated in the float tank, you can close the stainless steel door and unwind in the darkness.

Floating offers your body and mind a relaxing place to completely relax and distress.

Sounds awesome, I am in, I reply.

Where To Try Float Therapy

We both agreed that we want to try Floating.

I type Floating Therapy into the Google Search Engine.

Several local Floating venues pop-up on Google.

After my Google Floating search, I type Floating into Yelp and Groupon.

With some cross referencing I sort through the results and come up with our winner, Awaken Float Lounge located in Tustin California. 

My Day At Awaken Float Lounge 

Helen and I read and follow the floating instructions on the company’s website.

We did not shave 24 hours before our float, and we ate a light lunch.

Helen and I arrive at the Float center early, and fortunately, they can take us early.

The float tanks are individual, so we were each given a float tank and private dressing area.

Am large stainless steel eight-foot wide oven or bank vault is what Helen and I decide the float tank resembles.

The thirty-something office manager happily shows us the easy step by step 90 minute float process.

He tells us that we hear the sound of chimes in our float tank when our 90 minutes float session ends.

We thank him for the float overview, and then we go off to our float rooms.

I step into the dark float tank naked.

I brought a bathing suit, but when we enter the Float Company’s lobby, I note the no clothing sign allowed in float tanks.

Once I step into the float tank, I quickly step out.

My body often runs cold, and the tank water is a bit cool for me.

I wrap an oversized white spa towel around my body and go out to the lobby to ask the office manager to raise the heat.

Oh bummer, I reply when the office manager tells me that he is unable to increase the heat.

The office manager kindly tells me that the float tanks are at body temperature.

I go back to my float tank, enter the tank, lie on my back, keep the steel door open a crack and begin to float.

Float therapy is enjoyable. I learn if l move around the small five by eight-foot tank and place my arms on the side heat panels I am warm enough.

Part way through my float session I decide to close the stainless steel door.

I float peacefully in the darkness.

My 90-minute float session quickly passes, and I exit the float tank when I hear the chimes.


this is a float therapy tank








After Our Float Tank Session

Helen and I compare our Float Tank experiences.

I am surprised to learn that Helen spent most of her time in the float tank asleep.

She raves about the float tank relaxation. Helen loves her float tank experience.

Helen is disappointed that I found the float tank to cool to completely relax.

She asks me if I will float again.

With a mixture of feelings I reply, probably not.

I then chirp in with another comment; I would float if I could make the temperature warmer.


About Awaken Float Lounge

The Awaken Float venue is clean and well maintained.

It is easy to understand why Awaken Float has such outstanding ratings on Yelp.

I hope you have found Tustin California Awaken Float Lounge Review insightful.