Costa Mesa SC Car Zone $491.00 Anti-Theft Insurance Fee Almost Stole Our Money

Costa Mesa SC Car Zone $491.00 Anti-Theft Insurance Fee Almost Stole Our Money

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The Costa Mesa SC Car Zone $491.00 Anti-Theft Insurance fee almost stole our money and the following outlines our experience. 

First and foremost, please be sure an Anti-Theft Insurance charge is not placed on your loan documents without your knowledge. 

I truly believe knowledge is power and that is why I am writing this review about our SC Car Zone purchasing experience. 

Our Car Buying Experience At Costa Mesa SC Car Zone 

My husband and I purchased our new/preowned car from Costa Mesa SC Car Zone a couple of months ago.

Costa Mesa, SC Car Zone is a small car dealership that specializes in pre-owned automobiles. 

The SC Car Zone lot is small but well kept, the cars look fabulous and their oversized trailer home is a perfect set-up for their small offices. 

We are pleased with the pre-owned vehicle we purchased from SC Car Zone but not with the way we had to acquire the car. 

Here Is Our Costa Mesa SC Car Zone Review:

After we agreed on a price with the General Manager, we review our costs on the General Manager’s computer.

The General Manager appears to be an honest man full of colorful history.

The General Manager conveys to my husband and me that he believes in total transparency.

As we sit in front of his desk, the manager turns his computer screen to us, and he reviews the fees.

I notice all fees on the computer screen have a highlight except for a fee of $491.00.

The fee of $491.00 is not highlighted nor or any of the 00.00 charges.

The General Manager goes through the charges with us, and I watch and listen to him intentionally not mention the $491.00 fee to us.

As I sit at his desk and I wonder if he thinks he has pulled a fast one on us.

I hope I am mistaken about the man’s character so I patiently wait to check the loan documents. 

My old work life was full of documents, terms, and conditions.

The way I am dressed does not scream, finance background nor does my husband look like he would be an attorney. 

I sit in my worn out jeans, an old t-shirt, a ponytail hairstyle and next to me my husband is dressed extremely casual.

I am sure the General Manager does not believe I will double check all documents.

Costa Mesa SC Car Zone Auto Financing 

The General Manager then directs us over to the Finance Manager to review our automobile documents.

My husband and I sit patiently in front of the Finance Manager desk as he reviews the terms and conditions of our automobile loan.

I review the document, and sadly I note the one-time charge of $491.00.

I question the Finance Manager about the $491.00 fee.

As I ask about the $491.00 my exhausted husband starts to become alert.

My husband blurts, what $491.00 fee?

The Finance Manager says to us, “you do not want our theft protection program?”

What theft protection program I inquire?

The Finance Manager informs us that the payment of $491.00 enables us to enter an insurance fund.

He goes on to say the insurance fund pulls everyone’s money together and will help cover your deductible if someone steals your automobile.

Dumbfounded, I shake my head and say, “We have car insurance.”

Yes, but this is extra insurance to replace your deductible if someone steals your car.

What? I question. I then ask the Finance Manager to help me to understand how I am paying hundreds of dollars for an insurance pool that may pay my deductible if someone steals our car.

No, no way, no thanks, we don’t want that extra insurance, my husband was quick to reply.

As we start to access how this, “Extra Insurance” was just added to our loan document, my husband and I begin to read each term and condition of the contract carefully.

The Finance Manager then again tries to sell us on the “Extra/ Anti-Theft Insurance”. 

Again, we say, no thank you. 

The Costa Mesa, SC Car Zone Finance Manager informs us that if we do not want this, “Extra Insurance” then he is going to have to draw up new loan documents.

No problem, we say. We are happy to wait for new loan documents.

My husband and I sign the loan documents but seriously what the ethics of SC Car Zone of Costa Mesa.

We laugh with each other about the General Manager’s transparent style.

We are happy with our automobile, but we are not satisfied the non-disclosed add-on, “Extra Insurance.”

As consumers, it is disappointing to see how the Costa Mesa SC Car Zone buying operation appears to us.

This is how my husband and I believe the Costa Mesa, SC Car Zone profits from the “Extra Insurance a.k.a. Anti-Theft”:

The General Manager gains the customer’s trust, preaches love of family and transparency.

The General Manager goes through the numbers and does not; “Highlight” the “Extra Insurance.”

The “Extra Insurance” appears similar to the 0 on the General Manager’s computer screen.

Most consumers, especially ones who need reading glasses would not see the “Extra Insurance” fee because the charge does not appear highlighted.

The General Manager then passes the customer to the Finance Manager who proceeds with the signing of the loan documents.

If a customer questions the “Extra Insurance a.k.a an Anti-Theft Fee” the Finance Manager has another opportunity to sell the customer on the extra insurance.

The Finance Manager can also say, oh, he was not aware that they did not want the “Anti-Theft Protection.”

My husband and I estimate if Costa Mesa SC Car Zone can add the “Extra Insurance Charge” to 75 customers a month then they may be can generate around $10,000 a month in commission.

I do not care if Costa Mesa SC Car Zone customers would like to purchase the “Extra Insurance/ Theft Insurance” as long as they are made aware of the charge.

What my husband and I have learned from purchasing an automobile from Costa Mesa, SC Car Zone is the Latin phrase, ” Caveat emptor” holds true.

Caveat emptor means, let the buyer beware.