Mission Viejo Crown Valley Imaging Radiologist Alireza Namini Review

Mission Viejo Crown Valley Imaging Radiologist Alireza Namini Review

This review of Mission Viejo Crown Valley Imaging Radiologist Alireza Namini is almost unbelievable. Sadly the following is my daughter’s medical experience at Crown Valley Imaging:

Crown Valley Imaging Radiologist Alireza Namini mistake on my daughter’s X-Ray and CT could have had a deadly consequence.

The Mission Viejo, Crown Valley Imaging, Radiologist Namini made an almost deadly error when viewing my daughter’s images.

Radiologist Alireza Namini reported that on both my daughter’s X-Ray and CT that heart is normal size- wrong her heart was enlarged.

If my pulmonologist would have not had the wherewithal to question the Crown Valley Imaging radiologist Namini then my seventeen year old daughter may not be alive.

I kept on questioning my daughter’s doctor how could she be so short of breath? 

My daughter’s doctor reminded me that both Dr. Namini reports stated she had no visible issue.

After a six minute walk test my daughter’s doctor questioned the results of Dr. Alireza Namini.

Mission Viejo Crown Valley Imaging Radiologist Alireza Namini Review is pictured below. The photo of Dr. Namini is from the Crown Valley Imaging website.

Crown Valley Imaging has locations in Mission Viejo, CA and Newport Beach, CA.








Below is the CT Chest PE with Contrast report from Crown Valley Imaging, Dr. Namini:

Radiologist Alireza Namini

Our experience with Mission Viejo, Crown Valley Imaging, Dr. Alireza Namini:

My daughter’s Pulmonologist requested an X-Ray to help determine the shortness of breath.

Dr. Namini stated on my daughter’s 3/19/2019 that the quality of X-Ray is excellent. The Thoracic Aorta is normal in caliber, and her heart was normal size.

I understand that an X-Ray is a common imaging tool to help doctors view the inside of a person’s body. An X-Ray does not always provide detailed information.

However, I do not understand how Dr. Namini did not view my daughter’s anomalous left superior pulmonary vein. Her vein was draining to the wrong part of her heart.

If Radiologist Namini followed the Thoracic Aorta, then how did he miss my daughter’s anomalous pulmonary vein?

To make Dr. Alireza Namini mistake even more pronounced he also missed my daughter’s anomalous pulmonary vein on her CT with contrast.

Mission Viejo, Crown Viejo Imaging Almost Sends Our Family Into Collections!

My daughter’s health insurance company pays out Mission Viejo, Crown Viejo Imaging thousands of dollars even through Dr. Namini misdiagnosed her heart congenital heart condition.

When Mission Viejo, Crown Valley Imaging sends us an invoice for almost $600.00 I call their office manager.

I do not believe our family should have to pay for Radiologist Alireza Namini’s errors.

The Crown Valley Imaging office manager tries to help us but management claims we must pay them or go to collections.

Even through the error of Radiologist Namini has caused our daughter to incur unnecessary tests, doctor appointments and emotional stress, Mission Viejo Crown Valley Imaging states we must pay for their error! 

Compensation of a Radiologist in California

According to salary.com the average Radiologist salary in California is $455,090 as of July 30, 2019, but the range typically falls between $395,690 and $526,490.

Salary ranges can vary widely depending on the city and many other important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession.


I do not know how much Crown Valley Radiologist Namini compensation is each year.

If Doctor Namini receives an average California radiologist salary then his compensation should be somewhere in the neighborhood of $400,000 each year.

I am believe doctors, medical specialists should be highly compensated.

To become a doctor an individual must have commitment, intelligence and spend an exorbitant amount of money to attend medical school.

Just as I believe in high compensation for doctors, I feel a medical specialist who makes a blatant error should be held accountable.

I applaud the men and women who chose to dedicate themselves to our medical care. Thank you!

Our family experience with Mission Viejo, Crown Valley Imaging is terrible, life-threatening, and negligent.

What other adjectives does one use to describe a corporation that could have killed a child and yet greedily insist on full-compensation. Shame on you, Crown Valley Imaging!