Oak Glen, Stone Soup Farm Review

Fortunately, my husband and I overshot our desired venue and ended up at Stone Soup Farm.

We met one of the owners, Faith, at the Stone Soup Farm entrance. Faith is a warm, inviting lady who answered our never-ending questions and invited us in to see the venue.

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Deon Holloway of Rancho Cucamonga’s behavior encompasses theft, robber, conman, grifter, and a liar.

The stealing of our funds by Deon Holloway, Eco Alliance of Rancho Cucamonga, Space Ace’s dba OC Pavers, and Menasse Menie Benoliel echo in numerous emails to my Lisa@ProductReviewer.Me.

Sadly, three more people sent me an email this week alleging that Deon Holloway stole funds from them.

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Best Redlands Palm Tree Care For Our Budget


This how our Palm Tree looks after a mighty cropping. Best Redlands Tree Service, Aid Tree Care I want to give a shout-out to Aid Tree Care. Aid Tree Care did a fabulous job cutting back the numerous Palm Trees that live on our King Street Orchard. Here is my review of Aid Tree Care: …

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My Review Of The Dolly App, Number 19

The video below and this review of the Dolly App are from our terrible experience with Deon Holloway of Eco Alliance Inc.

With disappointment, sadness, and anger, I update you on the progress of our farmhouse remodel.

I share how we used the Dolly App to find our movers. I have used Dolly App twice, and both times I have been pleased.

Under iPhone moving app, Dolly is the highest-ranked.

How To Use The Dolly App:

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Deon Holloway Non-General Contractor’s License Shown, Number 18

Deon Holloway Use Government Programs To Rob Us

My husband and I lament the work of Deon Holloway of Eco Alliance of Rancho Cucamonga.

Much too late we find out Deon Holloway does not have a General Contractors License, Does not own Eco Alliance and does have a criminal record.

Deon Holloway also does business as Bright Sky Solar, and HaHaSmart Solar installation.

We are sharing our journey so other can learn from our remodel experience.

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