Deon Holloway of Bright Sky Solar, Eco Alliance and HahaSmart Solar Abandons Our Redlands Farmhouse Remodel, Number 17

Sadly the title is correct, Deon Holloway of Bright Sky Solar, Eco Alliance and HahaSmart Solar Abandons Our Redlands Farmhouse Remodel.

In the video below it shows Lisa and David having a picnic in the yard of their home remodel Deon Holloway of Eco Alliance abandoned:

Number 17, Click On Photo To Watch Video,

We want to make others aware that Mr. Deon Holloway is not a General Contractor.

Sadly, we have found that Mr. Deon Holloway does business under Bright Sky Solar of Rancho Cucamonga, Eco Alliance of Rancho Cucamonga and HaHaSmart Solar. HahaSmart Solar has locations in Simi Valley, Encino and Sacramento.

Eco Alliance and HahaSmart Solar may be using Fortune Energy to purchase their solar equipment.

Please be careful if you chose to use any Eco Alliance, HahaSmart Solar, or Bright Sky Solar.

You should also check criminal records.

We would like to note that Mr. Deon Holloway's wife, Annette Holloway is the owner of Eco Alliance. Mrs. Annette Holloway works full-time employee at Paychex.

Eco Alliance does not have any worker's compensation insurance.

Holloway was able to fraud us with the assistance of Fortune Energy.

Fortune Energy of Simi Valley vetted a Deon Holloway as vendor.

We feel we owe funds to Enerbank because Fortune Energy and Enerbank failed to vet Deon Holloway of Bright Sky Solar Net and Eco Alliance of Rancho Cucamonga.

Holloway's company is Bright Sky Solar, does not have an active license, and Holloway has no Eco Alliance ownership.

Alarmingly, Deon Holloway has a criminal record and is not a General Contractor.

Fortune Energy vetted Deon Holloway's company to Enerbank.

Shame on Fortune Energy for enabling government fraud.

Enerbank should be required by law to do their own vendor vetting.

We were not aware that government energy programs did not require direct vetting of each vendor until we were victims of government energy fraud.

Government energy programs were created to help people but many consumers are being ripped off.

It is disgraceful that consumers are being taken advantage by government energy program vendors.

The way government energy programs are funded needs to change!



On a happier note, we love our land. However, we feel disappointed, robbed, taken advantage of by Mr. Deon Holloway's behavior.

You  can watch all our farmhouse remodel video if you click on this web link.

If you watch the videos do you think Mr. Deon Holloway is going to take our funds and abandoned our remodel?

We know that Mr. Holloway of Rancho Cucamonga uses PACE, Enerbank and Benji as part of his scheme.