Mr. Mark Barry Vice President of American Home Shield, Help

Mr. Mark Barry Vice President of American Home Shield, Help

Yesterday, my husband and I posted our disappointment with American Home Shield Warranty vendor, Tempal.

Here is the weblink to the blog post. The ProductReviewer post provides an overview of American Home Shield vendor, Tempal.

The actions of Tempal appear criminal and malice to us.

I am happy to update that a concerned American Home Shield representative, Katie contacted me this morning about our air conditioning unit.

Katie was attentive and she had an open ear about our issues.

Katie read through our air conditioning ordeal and promptly arranged for All Temp Heating out of Riverside to provide us with a third opinion.

Mel, from All Temp Heating, arranged his schedule to include a diagnosis of our air conditioner at the end of the day.

Mel’s diagnosis was similar to All Above Heating and Air Conditioning, the air conditioner needs a new compressor.

However, All Temp Heating repairman found several items All AboveHeating and Air Conditioning did not witness, cut wires.

The cut air conditioning wires were not there when All Above Heating and Air Conditioning tested our compressor.

It appears there was criminal intent when I received a call from American Home Shield that stated Tempal was at our venue and if we paid $168.00 Jim from Tempal would try to reconnect cut wires. However, due to the cut wires, our compressor would not be covered.

One word seems to sum up this behavior; Extortion!

Pictures of our cut wires were taken when Mel from All Temp Heating inspected our air conditioning unit.

It was apparent our air conditioning wires had been cut and then taped with electrical tape.

We strongly feel when we did not to pay the extortion fee to the vendor Tempal, Jim cut our air conditioning wires.

Here are photos of our air conditioning wires cut. Please note the wire is wrapped with some type of electrical tape. Who would cut wires and then tape the wires?! Perhaps, Tempal.

American Home Shield

I also found out today that air conditioning repairman carries these wires in their trucks so why did Tempal not replace the wire? Oh, we have our conclusion, EXTORTION!

Tempal did not realize we had an air conditioner vendor out there a day prior.

We also tried to look into the Tempal. This is the vendor contracted by American Home Shield. Not surprising,  limited information is available. It definitely looks like a one-man show with no BBB rating, no reviews and no company information on Google. Why would American Home Shield contract this type of vendor? It must have been an oversight on AHS background check?

Now- We need a new compressor. Hopefully, American Shield, we expedite our air conditioning needs. This home houses older people who have the responsibility to oversee young children and a large dog. The weather can be scorching and temperatures can easily reach 100 degrees.

Fingers crossed, American Home Shield will promptly replace the compressor.

We have been loyal AHS customer for two decades so; 

Mr. Mark Barry, if you are reading this please expedite our compressor. 


Update on air compressor- I am happy to write that American Home Shield has repaired our air compressor.

Thank you American Home Shield for doing the right thing. 

I hope criminal and fraudulent vendors are banned from future vendor business.