The Brand New Castrophe Book Review


Mike Scalise, The Brand New Catastrophe Book Review




I enjoy reading, but sometimes my brain is not up to interrupting the written words on paper.

That is where audible books work well for me. Instead of reading thousands of words I can unwind the day by listening to a good story.

My last audiobook, The Brand New Catastrophe by Mike Scalise left me with mixed emotions.

If I did not have a Pituitary Disease, Sheehan’s Syndrome, I do not think that I would have chosen to listen to The Brand New Catastrophe. However, I do have Hypopituitary, and I was curious to learn how Mike Scalise’a Acromegaly transforms him.

I felt the need to peep into Mike’s life after Acromegaly to learn how he handles his non-functioning pituitary gland.

I found the author Mike Slice to be a master storyteller. He makes the story topic, a Pituitary tumor interesting.

Mike Scalise is an artist with his words. His descriptive words sculpture and mold his colorful family with the depth of peanut butter and the sweetness of jelly.

The candidness, darkness of Mr. Scalise’s memoir surprises me.

I admire with bewilderment that Mr. Scalice can share his family’s dark, intimate moments.

Listening to Mike’s family story he makes me envision Mike’s father as a puppet pulled by his grandfather’s strings.

I wonder if Mike Scalise shares his dark family moments to change his course or if revealing the darkness releases their hold?

Spoil Alert The Brand New Catastrophe ends with Mike Scalise’s life moving forward, he tries to balance his work, his marriage, and his daily Pituitary Gland replacement medicine.

It is mid-morning when I finish listening to The Brand New Catastrophe. I want to chat about the book. I smile as I know the perfect person to have a discussion about the book, my girlfriend, Helen.

My visiting friend is in my backyard sitting on a dark brown wicker chair sipping on coffee.

My girlfriend gets me so well. She walks my walk with Sheehan Syndrome.

Helen and I share a health condition with Mike Scalise, hypopituitarism.

Whereas, Mike Scalise hypopituitarism arrives via brain tumor our hypopituitarism came by way of hemorrhaging at childbirth.

Helen and I both agree on life without Pituitary Gland function is challenging, frustrating and at time depressing.

I chat with Helen about Mike’s world after life his Pituitary Tumor. We both agree that Mike was fortunate that he did not have to struggle to find a diagnosis, he had doctors who heard him and he had terrific healthcare.

Another spoiler alert– I tell Helen about Mike health struggles after the tumor removal. I convey his fatigue, moments of flat emotions and his desire to keep his world uneventful.

I also chirp in; he does not have children.

We both agree that Mike will never experience the mountains of stress that accompany raising children.

We then laugh, and Helen comments children are well worth the additional steroids.

Spoiler Alert- I tell Helen that I was surprised that his long-term girlfriend married him.

Our conversation shifts to how it must feel to be married to a Hypopituitary person. We both agree that our lifestyles can put a damper on the happiest of moments.

I say I guess love conquers all.

I wish Mike Scalise a very long, happy life.

Book Review Scale 1-10 10 represents highest regard

I would rate The Brand New Castastrophe Memoir a 7.

If you have a serious health condition then you most likely will laugh out loud as Mike Scalise describes some of his health hurdles. 












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