My Terrible Experience With AV Photo Booth Rentals



My Terrible Experience With AV Photo Booth Rentals


Please read my review before you think about hiring AV Photo.

I hired AV Photo Booth Rentals because of their online reviews.

I have to seriously question if AV Photo Booth Rental Reviews  are fiction.

I hired AV Photo Booth for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and instead of adding joy to our celebration their photograph brought chaos, disappointment, and negativity.

The AV Photo Photographer arrived an hour late.

He phoned me when he was a half an hour late and claimed he went to my house instead. Strange, he did not have my home address and our party venue was close to our home.

Here are several other issues we experienced with AV Photo Photographer:

  • Their Photographer was smoking cigarettes at our party instead of working his three-hour shift.
  • The Photographer scared the young preteen guests by telling them how he was robbed at gun point the night before.
  • The photographer told all of my daughter’s friends he should not be working that day because it was his birthday.
  • The photographer discouraged photos.
  • The photographer would not give my guest any of the duplicate photos that I had already prepaid.

I phoned the owner Adam and Anthony and they told me they were very sorry and they would make it right. They offered to deliver the scrapbook I paid for but did not receive, refund my money and offered me a free photo booth for a different party.

I thought they were trying to right a wrong but I was mistaken. It has been over a month and I still have not received a refund. I have phoned, emailed them and I have been told the check is in the mail. While it has been weeks and there is no check, no replies to my voicemails or emails.

My daughter did receive her scrapbook from them. However, it became an ordeal with Anthony’s lack of follow through and broken appointments in the delivery of the scrapbook to us. He finally placed the scrapbook in the mail as I had requested earlier.

The scrapbook is ok but very limited- not too many photos were taken.

I would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use this company. If you are even considering to hire this company, you are welcome to email me at Lisa@ProductReviewer.Me and ask me more questions about my Terrible Experience with AV Photo Booth Rentals.

This review is REAL and unfortunately so is my experience with AV Photo Booth Rentals.

– A follow up to this review, the owner Anthony phoned me within hours of this review and told me I would soon have my funds. He was very defensive and I asked why he had not returned my calls.

This is how our conversation went:
He told me he is a small business and can’t float $500.00. I told him he offered me the refund and then did not follow through. He said I should have the refund shortly.

Anthony then went on to tell me that I did receive a scrapbook at the party and I told him, no we did not. I told him he was not there so how did he arrive at this information- oh, he viewed the scrapbook in a photo the photographer took. I replied, yes there was a scrapbook but your photographer that caused such a downer on our party must have taken the book with him when he left early.

Anthony then implied that I had the scrapbook and I was trying to obtain another scrapbook, Really?

He then went on to tell me that the photography did a good job. I replied, ugh? Anthony, said yes because everyone is smiling in the photos. I can’t believe that was his reply.

Anthony then went on to tell me that my input from our party caused him to let the photographer go. I would think any business owner would insist their employee not engage inappropriate with young girls and boys.

Anthony voice gained volume and echoed in a strong request to remove or edit my review. I told him that was our experience with his company. I reminded him that he made to appointment to drop off the scrapbook at our home and each time he cancelled last minute.

Anthony went on to tell me that, ” NO ONE”  is really going to care about the reviews of one dissatisfied

I hope my voice can echo- I was extremely disappointed with AV Photo Booth Rentals service.

As a side note, my reviews are also posted on Google.