Aerosole’s Conhulsion Are The Best Walking Sandals For Vacation

Aerosole’s Conhulsion Are The Best Walking Sandals For Vacation



My quest for the best walking shoes began as our family Mediterranean Cruise date grew near.

Each city we plan to explore has sufficient historic past that contains uneven paved stone roads, cobblestone streets and decks of stairways. These travel roads make my everyday flip-flops and cute flimsy sandals out of the question.

So, I quickly realize I need walking shoes.

As I look at numerous website for the best walking shoes my vanity screams.

The walking shoes online did not represent  the vacation look I desire.

I promptly decide to look for the best walking sandals online. Unfortunately, as I scroll through the Zappos, Macy’s, Nordstrom, DSW websites my hopes for the perfect walking shoe began to deflate.

I decide my quest for the best walking sandals would be placed back on my to do list.

Thankfully, the next day while grocery shopping I stumble across a shoe store a few doors down from the market, Off Broadway.

As I stroll down the third aisle of Off Broadway I find the perfect walking sandals, a pair of Aerosole’s Women’s Conchulsion Leather Sandals.

The Aerosole walking sandals are made of:

  • Leather rubber sole with a foam fitting suede sock
  • Diamond flex rubber outsole Memory foam insole
  • Adjustable ankle strap, for a custom fit
  • Available in brown, white and black.


I try on the Aerosole sandals and I instantly loved them.

These fashionable Aerosole’s sandals feel like you are walking on air yet durable.

I happily chose the brown pair of Aerosole’s Conchulsion sandals.

Follow up– I wore the brown Aerosole’s Women’s Conchulsion Leather Sandals all over the uneven cobblestone streets of Europe and I was extremely pleased.

These Aerosole’s sandals make a fabulous addition to any travel wardrobe.

You can purchase a pair of the highly rated Aerosole Conshulsion leather sandals by clicking on the photo below.