Product Shares How To Download Endless Free Audiobooks and Free Ebooks

Product Shares How To Download Endless Free Audiobooks And Free Ebooks


where to find free audiobooks

Product shares with her readers a step by step guide on how to download endless free audiobooks and free ebooks.


The first step to downloading free audiobooks and and free ebooks is to have a public library card.

A public library card is free.

Your library card will note your library number.

Below is a photo of the front and back of my Orange County, California library card. 


where to find free ebooks


The above Orange County library card offers me the privilege to download endless free audiobooks and ebooks.  I did xxxxx out my library number. 

In order for you to check out library audiobook and ebooks online, you need to set up a pin number for your library card.

Your pin number should be at least four digits. These digits should be easy for you remember.

The next step is to download the Overdrive App. There is a version of the Overdrive App for Mac and Androids.

Open the Overdrive App on your computer or smart device.

How To Use The Overdrive App To Download Free Audiobooks and Free Ebooks

The OverDrive App offers a menu.

Below is a screenshot of my Overdrive App Menu

overdrive for audiobooks

My Libraries is the first category on the Overdrive App menu.

Under My Libraries, there is a link to add a library.

You click on add a library.

This My Library feature allows you to enter your library card and pin number.

Once you enter your library card information, your library should be listed under, My Library category on the Overdrive App.

Now you should be able to explore, enjoy and check out free audiobooks and free ebooks. 

I use to find the ebooks or audiobooks I would like to enjoy and then find out if they are available. I no longer have to scroll around for product availability. 

The filters within the Orange County, California digital library allow me to quickly find what genres I am interested in enjoying, what ebooks and audiobooks are available for immediate download.

The Orange County, California library filters also offer a full gambit of additional options. You need to take a few minutes and click around.

Once you find the available ebook or audiobook you would like to read or listen to, just click on the product to check out the ebook or audiobook.

After you check out the audiobook or ebook you would like to enjoy just click on the product to download product files. You can download the files to your computer or smart device. 

On a side note, downloading free audiobooks and ebooks from the Overdrive App is terrific when you are planning to go on vacation. 

My local Orange County, California digital library allows you to check out up to 10 audiobooks and ebooks within a 21 day period.

Returning ebooks and audiobooks to the library is fabulous! You do nothing!

After 21 days your ebook or audiobook will digitally be returned to the library. Yay, Overdrive!

The Overdrive App menu also offers a history of ebooks and audiobook you have checked out.

Below are several screenshots of audiobooks I have checked out from through the Overdrive App.


where to find free audiobookshow to read free audiobooks




If you do not already have a library card, you can find about how to contact your local library on this Overdrive website link.


I hope you find this Product post, Product Shares How To Download Endless Free Audiobooks And Free Ebooks useful.

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