The Elkcip Retriever Is A Must Have If You Play Pickle Ball.

Why The Elkcip Is A Must Have For Pickleball Players

I love, love the Elkcip Pickleball Ball Retriever

The Elkcip Pickle ball basket makes playing Pickleball easier, more enjoyable and helps you from back pain. With the Elkcip pickle ball retriever, you can retrieve 16 pickle balls in an upright position.

The Elkcip Pickle ball retriever eliminates the need to bend over, the Elkcip basket makes the pick up your pickle balls a breeze.

The ElkCip is a solid metal basket that enables you to store and pick up your pickle balls easily.

The Pickleball Tennis Ball Bucket is a portable and lightweight ball retriever that is designed specifically for use on the pickle ball court.

If you play pickle ball then please watch this short Elkcip video.

The Elkcip bucket can forever change the way you play pickle ball.

You can also learn more about the Elkcip basket by clicking on the photo below.

Cheers to pickle ball!