Follow General Contractor, Deon Holloway of Eco Alliance As Our Redlands 1908 Farmhouse Remodel Begins- number one

Join Us On Our Adventure As General Contractor, Deon Holloway of Eco Alliance Begins The Remodel On 1908 Redlands Farmhouse - number one

1908 Farmhouse Remodel #1 Begins:

The 1908 Farmhouse Remodel is a category that welcomes readers to join our experience as we remodel a Redlands 1908 Farmhouse.

The purchase of the Farmhouse was impulsive, somewhat crazy, and a much-needed adventure.

A little backstory- Like most people, life throws them curveballs, and they are often waiting for the other shoe to drop. Our shoes fall all the time.

All of our shoes are medical, and almost all our money goes to pay medical bills.

Our entire family has a gambit of severe rare medical issues that include costly medical bills. Medical insurance in the United States needs to change.

Our youngest daughter Bella, had open-heart surgery last year. My husband had brain surgery two years ago, our oldest daughter had a seizure disorder, and I suffer from numerous rare conditions.

In the last couple of years, surreal circumstances test me each day, hence my lack of words.

A quick overview of our families last couple of years;

For years doctor after doctor told us that our daughter was fine. Numerous doctors told me she may be depressed or she may have anxiety.

My motherly instinct told me something was seriously wrong with my daughter. The fatigue that intermittently bought my daughter to tears began to increase.

In High School my daughter was a cheerleader, a scholar athletic, with plenty of good friends and she did not seem depressed. I felt her fatigue was more than a tired teenager on the go. However, somedays I did question myself.

Numerous cardiologists and radiologists misread her cardiac test results. My youngest daughter has a rare congenital heart disorder.

My daughter's, open-heart surgery at Rochester, Mayo Clinic, in June 2019, is successful.

You can read about my daughter's story on this link.

After several misdiagnoses about what doctors believe is water in my husband's ear we discover he needs brain surgery.

You can read about my husband's brain surgery experience on this link.

The rare dural arteriovenous fistulas (dAVF’s) that caused the need for my husband's brain surgery has not grown back. It is also a blessing that our youngest daughter soars to college about a year after her cardiac surgery. So, it is time for me to click away.

As I noted earlier, our family's shoes fall and fall again. You can read my story of trying to balance several rare diseases on this HypoGal link.

Hence, the ProductReviewer.Me has been quiet.

Onward, clicking through Zillow properties, I notice what I believe is an unvalued property, our Farmhouse.

We bid on the house with no idea how we will pay for the property, and our offer is accepted. Shaking every piggy bank we own, we find means to acquire the property.

Before the property is ours, I feel a heavy weight settling in and ask the Property Brothers for their help. I contact everyone on the Property Brothers production because I read they need a home to remodel in the Fall of 2020. I feel the Farmhouse remodel would be a fun show to see the transformation.

Our family purchased this property during Covid, the house has not been occupied by an owner in years. The 1908 Farmhouse looks better on video than in person.

Below is the video we submitted to the Property Brothers;


General Contractor Deon Holloway of Eco Alliance 

Since The Property Brothers seem to overlook our gem of a farmhouse makeover, we have to ask someone else to the dance.

Our PACE Funding Representative, John Munoz, provides us with three prospective PACE builders.

After a long, in-depth conversation with PACE Funding, Mr. Munoz, he gains my trust. By earning my trust, my husband begins to have more confidence in our Redlands Farmhouse Remodel.

My trust is easy to gain if someone shares a tragic family experience. I do not want anyone to have a life-altering experience; however, I connect with these people. We seem to understand all too well the crucial things in life.

My husband and I move forward to discuss our Redlands farm remodel with three General Contractors that work with PACE Funding.

PACE Funding is a unique, expensive, but easy way to quickly fund an energy-efficient project. I write more about our experience with PACE Funding on this post.

After meeting three different General Contractors, our choice is Deon Holloway of Eco Alliance.

Please Follow General Contractor Deon Holloway of Eco Alliance as our Redlands farmhouse remodel begins.

The storyline is stranger than life and is almost unbelievable.

Stay tuned, my next post will share with you is: What Is The Foul Smell Coming Out Of Our Floors?