Find Out Why Our Redlands Farmhouse Sub Roof Is More Of A Skylight, Number 6


Unforeseen hold-ups such as our house's nonexistent sub roof keep our construction completion date delayed. It is October 17, 2020, and our home's completion date is in our rearview mirror.

Our Eco Alliance contract date of October 10, 2020, finish line is now October 29, 2020.

On October 29, we hope you can watch us open our home's red door as we cross our finish line.

The video below shows my Mom and me as we walk through the home red front door during construction.

Watch my mom's expression as she views our farmhouse remodel.

My husband, my family, and I count the days until General Contractor Deon Holloway completes our home.

Deon has gives us a new completion date of October 29. My birthday is weeks away, and I tell Deon that our finished house would be an incredible birthday present.

Like most people who remodel a home, a layer of frustration arises when there are delays and additional funds are needed.

We never considered the cost to remove and replace a ceiling.

As construction outsiders, we cannot see the internal work of our farmhouse remodel. Hence, we need additional funds to complete our dream farmhouse remodel.

Our new adventure often feels like a money pit.

Another layer of frustration takes form as we find out that the PACE Funding has altered its terms, go figure.

We are not longer using PACE Funding to help pay for our farmhouse remodel. It appears that we will utilize the REEL program instead of PACE Funding.

If you would like to know more about the REEL program, Go Green Financing Program, please click on the following weblink.

So back to a prior delay, the sub roof of our farmhouse. There is no sub roof to our farmhouse!

It is no wonder the previous owners had sky-high energy bills. We have to shell out almost $9,000 to have a sub roof for the roof built. Our money seems to go poof!

You can't make up some of the stories we  experience during our farmhouse remodel.

Below are photos of our nonexistent sub roof:

Redlands Roof Remodel Farmhouse
Farmhouse Remodel picture of roof Redlands Farmhouse


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General Contractor Deon Holloway Of Eco Alliance Is The Company Remodeling Our 1908 Farmhouse. Eco Alliance Is Located In Upland, California, 91786.

You Can Reach Eco Alliance's, Upland California Office At 888-721-3637.

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Deon Holloway's other company, Smart Solar in Upland, California may be able to help you with your residential or business solar power needs.

Eco Alliance Contractor's License is #1059716


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