Thankful For Mormon Missionaries From The Mormon Church of Redlands, Number 13

In the photo above are eight mormon missionaries from the Redlands, Ca. area. 

I am grateful for the Redlands Mormon Missionaries.

The eight young missionaries arrived at our home to help us clean up our Redlands orchard.

Our Redlands Farmhouse Remodel Backstory

My husband and I recently purchased a Redlands property. On the property sits a 1908 farmhouse and a small orange orchard.

Our family seems to be plagued with severe health obstacles. An example, my husband had brain surgery a little over two years ago, and this month he needs neck surgery. Sadly, our medical encounters go on and on.

Before we were aware, another surgery was on our horizon; we decided to take a leap of faith and purchase an extremely tired farmhouse and orchard.

The old farmhouse looked, and smelt like somebody had not updated for several decades.

We realize that if this Redlands property were such a great price point, it would not be ours. The property needs love and lots of dollars for cleanup and farmhouse remodel.

Unfortunately, our remodel that began promising took a serve drop downward.
You can read about our 1908 farmhouse remodel here.

Our downward motion with our contractor Eco Alliance of Rancho Cucamonga, was exhausting and expensive.

How Did These Mormon Missionaries Arrive At Our Home?

With limited funds and lots of orchard work to move forward, I placed an ad on Facebook for some help.

A Redlands Facebook member was kind and reached out to a young man to assist us.

This young Mormon missionary from the Redlands Mormon Church answered my request.

He arrived at our orchard with a cheery smile and a car full of missionaries.

Our blessing multiplied as another car of elder Mormon missionaries pulled up soon after.These eight men explored our orchard with a trash bag in one hand and an optimistic attitude.

The men worked for a couple of hours, and we ended in a beautiful prayer. I was extremely thankful for the arrival of these Mormon missionaries.

Sadly, once and awhile, we are reminded  there are bad apples. My experience with our Redlands farmhouse contractor is souring.

However, the arrival of these Mormons young men reinforced my belief in the goodness of people.

Cheers to a wonderful group of missionaries.