Below are episodes 17- of our 1908 Farmhouse being remodeled by Eco Alliance Inc. of Upland

Please note that Eco Alliance of Rancho Cucamonga, California has defrauded us out of a sufficient amount of money.

Mr. Deon Holloway does not own Eco Alliance and he charades as a General Contractor. 

Holloway does business under other solar company names such Bright Sky Solar and Haha Smart.

Deon Holloway Of Bright Sky Solar, Eco Alliance And HahaSmart Solar Abandons Our Redlands Farmhouse Remodel, Number 17

Deon Holloway Non-General Contractor’s License Shown, Number 18

My Review of the Dolly App, Number 19

We Have An Outdoor Shower, Number 20

Review of Orange County Mr. Menasse Benoliel Space Aces dba OC Pavers and Turf, Number 21

OC Pavers and Turf Mr Menasse Benoliel Destroys Our Hope and Home, Number 22